The B School

The mission of BroadMic is to give female entrepreneurs the “picks and shovels” they need to create successful companies. With this goal in mind, we launched the BroadMic podcast, a resource for women motivated to start their own companies.

After the overwhelmingly positive responses we received from our listeners, we knew we tapped into something women entrepreneurs seek, whether that’s mentorship, substantive and strategic advice, or just hearing about other women’s successes.

Now we’re taking our initiative to help inspire female entrepreneurs one step further.

Introducing The B School, BroadMic’s virtual program for female entrepreneurs.

The B School

The purpose of The B School is to address the crucial hurdles identified by both the female entrepreneurs featured on our podcast and the listeners of the BroadMic podcast:

  1. Education – Women now make up 37% of top MBA programs, but there is still a major education gap that needs to be addressed.
  2. Fundraising – Female founders get less than 5% of VC funding, which is correlated to the lack of visible female investors out there.
  3. Mentoring – A staggering 63% of women say they never had a formal mentor.

The B School aims to address these key issues through a 6-week program that covers startup business fundamentals, fundraising preparation and mentor matching.

Students will connect with influential mentors, speakers, and advisors, meet other startup founders, get candid advice about their startup, and work with the BroadMic team hands-on to perfect and deliver their pitches. The B School will culminate in a Startup Showcase with the opportunity for students to present their pitches to active investors, with an emphasis on the attendance of active female investors.

In order to make sure you, our potential students, get the most out of our virtual program, we need to learn more about your needs, so we’d appreciate your input!
Please fill out The B School survey by Thursday, April 13.

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